Everything you need to know for Edcamp Boston!

Where: Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA. Take the elevator to the 11th floor when you arrive.
When: Registration starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday April 28. We’ll start scheduling around 9:00.
Parking: There is a parking garage in the building. Parking will cost $10 for the day.

Food: Breakfast items (bagels, muffins) will be available when you arrive. Lunch (yummy sandwiches) will be provided. If you come to the afterparty, we’ll even buy some appetizers to get things started!

Afterparty: Meadhall, 4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA (It’s about a ten minute walk from the NERD)

We strongly recommend you bring some sort of mobile device (laptop, iPad, etc) with you for the event. If you do, you’ll want to connect to the wifi network Cambridge with the password eb0428.

If you’re receiving this, you should be registered on the Posterous. Share your notes, pictures, observations, and blogposts with edcampboston@posterous.com and it will automagically show up on http://edcampboston.posterous.com

Here’s the live-updating schedule: https://bitly.com/ecb2012 Yes, it’s blank right now. You might want to think about topics that you’d be interested in leading a session on or an open question you’d like to pull a group together to answer.

Questions before the event? Send a quick email to edcampboston@gmail.com

If you need help at all during the day, look for one of the organizers. We’ll be rocking the red polos. Or send us a tweet! We’ll be monitoring hashtag #edcampBOS all day on Saturday.