Sign up for the Edcamp Boston Waitlist!

Due to unprecedented demand for Edcamp tickets, we’ve created a Waitlist for people who weren’t able to make it in to the original registration. We are committed to getting as many people in on the day of the event as possible!

When you sign up for the wait list, please know that if your ticket is released to you, you will have 24 hours to claim the ticket, or we will then release it to the next person in line. We need to make sure that these tickets are going to people who will definitely be there!

Again, if you can’t make it for any reason, PLEASE let us know so that we can release tickets to those on the Waitlist.

Holy amazing, Batman! Edcamp Boston sold out in less than 6 hours!

Edcamp Boston 2014


Six hours!

We had a record number of people sign up to be notified when tickets were released, so we expected these tickets to move, but we didn’t expect them to move that quickly!

To be fair to the people who signed up for that notification in the first place, we’re not going to open up a new wait list. We’ve got almost 300 people who never got their shot in the first place. If we open up more tickets, they’ll be the first to know.

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, though, you’ll be second.

We’re so excited to see all of you on May 3!

Prepare for the Edcamp Boston 2014! Also, go to other great Edcamps this Fall!

We have a date! Edcamp Boston will be on May 3, 2014!


Obligatory Mailing list for people who want to know immediately about when registration opens:

Please note that preregistering here is a very good idea. Last year all of the tickets were claimed in 41 hours. Which is insane. In. Sane. We promise to tell people on this mailing list about registration opening before we tell the people on Twitter and Facebook.

What’s that? You can’t wait until May to get your Edcamp fix? Lucky you, New England has you covered this fall!

Bonus! Plan for the Winter!

Amazing Edcamps all summer long!

Did you miss Edcamp this year? Did you come and want to go to more great Edcamps? Well, lucky you! New England is going to have a TON of Edcamps this Summer, so there’s an opportunity for everybody to join in the fun! They’re all free!

Don’t have time for a full day of Edcamp or those days not work for you? How about mini-Edcamps every Tuesday? Totally free!

Bonus! If you come to the Massachusetts Teachers Association Summer Conference in Williamstown, MA, there will an Unconference (that follows the Edcamp format) on Tuesday, August 6! Come for the whole week, or just come for the unconference! Unfortunately, this does cost some money to attend. But it will still be awesome.